Green Sheep Shop

My Blog about Eco Friendly Yarn


Green Sheep Shop is an idea that came about based on my own search for organic yarn. Unfortunately, in my search at big box stores and at several LYS in my area, I was disappointed at the lack of variety. So then, I turned to the internet where I found an abundance of choices. The internet offered wide array of not only organic yarn but a whole world of eco-friendly alternatives and we are gathering the best of the best into our shop.  We have endeavored to provide a wide range of eco-friendly yarns that will fit any project you have in mind from a market bag to a beautiful fair isle sweater. We believe any yarn you choose from this website treads lighter on the earth’s resources than conventional choices and does so without compromise to quality or beauty.

Regarding this blog, we plan to explore different fibers and why our choices matter; other interesting and fun stories about yarn and the yarn industry; a bit about organic living; some silliness and personal interests.  You’re welcome to join me on the journey!