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Allow me to introduce myself…

by admin - June 19th, 2011

Welcome to the Green Sheep Shop Blog! I want to start off with a HUGE thank you to everyone for the friendship, love, support, and help shown to me and my shop.  I would not be here a year later without all of you – big hugs!

Being my fist blog post, I feel like I need to tell my story from A – Z – my history, why I started Green Sheep Shop, what I have planned for the future, lot’s of info about yarn, etc. – but not to worry, I won’t.  I’ll spread it out for you into nice bite size pieces.

I’ll start of with a bit of personal info. I was born in Chicago, Illinois but have spent the majority of my 41 years living in beautiful but a bit over-crowded Southern California. Monday – Wednesday I work as an assistant to three attorneys and at night and the rest of the week I’m a tending this shop.  My mom is a fabulous knitter – one of those knitters we are all jealous of – she’s never used a pattern, ever, she just whips things up, amazing!  That is not me, I love the craft but I’m more of a by the book kind of girl, I’m trying to work on that.  Truth be told, I like crocheting more than knitting – gasp! I’ve been married for 18 years, to the person I am meant to be with and who is my never ending support and cheering section.  Katie is my only “child” a pet Senegal Parrot.

Enough about me – what are the plans for this blog.  A lot of educational, fun, heartwarming information about yarn and the yarn industry; happenings at Green Sheep Shop; info about organic living; a bit of silliness and personal interests.  I hope you’ll be back for more!

Let’s start things off right though with a giveaway.  Everyone who comments on this blog post will be entered into the giveaway – a $50 gift certificate to Green Sheep Shop!  Please enter only one time, multiple entries will not be valid. The drawing will take place on July 8, 2011.  We plan on making this a regular feature.

That’s it for now…

All the best!